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Mortgage Modification

Avoid Foreclosure with a Loan You Can Afford

If you find yourself, behind on your mortgage payments and you can see a foreclosure in sight, contact or legal team, because you do have options and we can help. The foreclosure assistance team at Foreclosure Lawyers of America has built a team of highly trained legal professionals made up of attorneys, paralegals, underwriters and loan modifiers. Our home mortgage modification department provides the negotiating skills you need to get your mortgage lender to reduce your loan payment for your budget. If your lender refuses to modify your loan in a timely manner, we will invoke Federal Court to help delay the foreclosure proceedings until a solution is achieved that works with your goals and expectations.

The Mortgage Modification program allows most homeowners who can make payments keep their homes. Whether it's a personal hardship or an increased payment from an adjustable mortgage rate, many people find themselves delinquent on their home loan. We provide debt counseling for our clients with effective negotiating directly with mortgage lenders. Our mortgage modification team negotiates a lower rate and mortgage payment.

Foreclosure Lawyers of America that can be reached directly at (888)702-0111

Based on our clients' needs modified loan may vary. A recapitalization agreement takes all the "arrears" or monthly amounts that should have been paid but wasn't paid, interest, fees, and missed payments and adds it to the principal of the loan. In most cases, we will negotiate the balance of payment deficiencies and renegotiate any outstanding principal above the present market value and "arrears". We even may be able to negotiate an extended loan term so that your monthly payments work within your budget. We provide loan modifications that are legal and have your best interest at heart.

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If you are faced with losing your home due to foreclosure by the bank or mortgage company, contact Foreclosure Lawyers of America immediately for a free no hassle consultation. You need to know your legal rights.

Mortgage Refinancing Versus Loan Modification
The foreclosure crisis continues to ravage our economy with more lost jobs, reduced home equity from plummeting home sales and delinquent mortgage payments.

Retrieving your home equity enables our clients to recapture what they may have lost as a result of predatory lending and the existing sub-prime mortgage crisis.

Foreclosure Lawyers of America created a system that helps homeowners to continue the stay in their home for 6-12 months without making any loan payments! This program was derived directly from the Federal consumer protection statutes and the civil code.

For example if your monthly payment is $3,000 per month, in 8 months you will recoup $24,000, in 16 months that is nearly $50,000. Your recoupment will continue to grow the longer we are able to keep you in your home.

Short Sale Negotiations


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