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Foreclosure Lawyers of America providing law offices nationwide with mortgage relief protection to stop foreclosure and negotiate a loan work out or modification or fight lenders who commit predatory lending. Our loan modification lawyers understand the foreclosure law and their legal team will fight to modify your mortgage striving to reduce your monthly payments and even renegotiate mortgage balances in some cases.

At Foreclosure Lawyers of America, our clients come first. We negotiate with your home loan lender and creditors to settle debt and negotiate better mortgage payments. Each client is treated with courtesy and is guaranteed effective representation.

Our Team of Lawyers Will Protect You and Save Your Home!

Our legal expertise and integrity will allow us to become one of most trusted legal firms in the country. Our consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. We use cutting edge technologies that allow us to respond quickly and give you the most relevant information and perspectives.

Foreclosure Lawyers of America is committed to attaining the best results for each client. Get the latest loan modification news from our affiliates who continue to post mortgage relief news at it happens. Take advantage of our loss mitigation experience with predatory lending, bank foreclosures and loan workout plans from lenders like BofA, Chase, Citi Mortgage, Countrywide, US Bank, Wachovia, WAMU and Wells Fargo.
Stop Lenders from Foreclosing on Your Home
After watching your interest rates adjust higher and your home value lower, it likely the time to get some good advice about modifying your mortgage and possibly renegotiating the mortgage balance below 100%.

What Is a Loan Modification
Loan modifications are becoming as common as home refinance loans. Most people canít qualify for a mortgage payment they can afford so modifying your current home loan is the best alternative in most cases.

Legal Resources FHA Loan Approvals Tough with No Equity
Many homeowners were turning to FHA for fixed rate refinancing until their home value dropped below the mortgage balances.
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Whether you need debt settlement, credit repair of foreclosure prevention advice, Foreclosure Lawyers of America has the experience and the network to protect you legally against creditors, lenders and banks. Donít risk the future equity of your home to a mortgage modification or debt settlement company with no experience.

Chapter 7, 11, or 13?
Bankruptcy is a process is designed to protect consumers from debtors, while offering an opportunity for a fresh start! Get the facts from bankruptcy. The global credit crunch and increased energy costs have fueled many consumers into stressful positions where they are up-side down, drowning in debt.
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Will The Government Help?
Federal regulators told Congress recently that they are working on a plan that could potentially help some of the delinquent homeowners avoid foreclosure. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan called the banking and housing chaos a "once-in-a-century credit tsunami" that led to a breakdown in how the free market system functions.

Latest Real Estate Headlines

McCain's Proposal for Refinancing Bad Mortgages - By Bryan Dornan
The Republican presidential candidate announced in the televised debate he would order the federal government to use $300 billion of specified treasury funds to buy the delinquent mortgages while enabling the struggling homeowners to retain their homes. Hopefully, Obama will follow through with his promise to curb predatory lending and eliminate mortgage scams that are running rampant in some states.

Are States Moving Fast Enough with Mortgage Aid?
Local governments continue to talk aggressively about foreclosure prevention to assist local homeowners, but so far people believe the action to be an inadequate response to the slumping housing crisis.

Foreclosure Lawyers of California Offer More Than Just Loan Modifications - Attorney M. McCormick stated, "When you sign a retainer with a Foreclosure Lawyers of America, you have the foreclosure fighting resources you need in case the lenders decide not to modify your mortgage."

Mortgage Relief Programs Aren't Helping Much
US Government not successful yet helping homeowners prevent foreclosure homeowners prevent foreclosure

How much is your home value today? That's the growing question with millions of homeowner’s up-side down because of the foreclosure crisis.

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Get Today's Lowest Mortgage Rates
Home loans are difficult to qualify for, but if you don’t have a hardship and want the traditional path of refinancing, then consider the lenders below.
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If you do not qualify for a conforming mortgage, consider a loan workout or modification from the experts!

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Foreclosure Lawyers of America is committed to attaining the best results for each client. Our loan modification lawyers understand foreclosure law and how it benefits you as a homeowner. When negotiating debt or looking to stop a foreclosure, Foreclosure Lawyers of America is the law firm you want representing you.


Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers consumers a fresh start, but very little debt ridden Americans actually qualify.

More News

Gov. Works with Lenders to Help California Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure
The agreement the California Schwarzenegger Governor negotiated with mortgage lenders requires that lending companies try to keep subprime mortgage borrowers in their home by modifying them with a loan they can afford. A half million Californians have sub-prime mortgages that will jump to higher rates in the next two years.

Loan Modifications & the Foreclosure Crisis By Bryan Dornan
The foreclosure crisis continues to ravage our economy with more lost jobs, reduced home equity from plummeting home sales and delinquent mortgage payments. Unfortunately, many people have the ability to make their home loan payment on time but they jumped on the loan modification train with their neighbors and stopped paying their mortgage in hopes of reducing their monthly payments through renegotiations with the loss and mitigation department of their mortgage servicing company.

More Homeowners Delinquent on Mortgage Payments
The FDIC and many mortgage lenders are focusing their attention on foreclosure prevention remedies through loan modifications, short sales and forbearance. For prime loans at fixed rates, 0.34 % entered foreclosure proceedings in the quarter.

Debt Settlement
Settle your unsecured debts for pennies on the dollar. Stop throwing money away to credit card companies and banks that have taken advantage of you for far too long.

Equity Loan Settlement
Lenders are even willing to negotiate with borrowers who are not late on their 1st or 2nd loan. In the past you had to be at least sixty days past due to get a loan modification even considered. Hopefully Americans will utilize this foreclosure crisis and seize the opportunity to move forward as a stronger more pragmatic country.

The Chapter 13 bankruptcy results in a more realistic repayment plan than the short term plans currently offered by most mortgage lender outside of the laws under Title 11, and you maintain all your rights under TILA, RESPA, HOEPA, FDCPA, FCRA, etc.

If you are a homeowner with several mortgages you may be able to remove or settle the second mortgages or home equity lines from title and county records. Only the first mortgage loan will remain!

Short Sale Negotiations

Historical Interest Rate Cut
In a recent article Kelly Media Group president, Jason Cardiff, "The fact the mortgage lenders are willing to provide loan workouts to homeowners that do not qualify for traditional or FHA refinance loans is simply remarkable."

Foreclosure Lawyers of America is a nationwide network of attorneys and legal professionals
who use the foreclosure law to fight lenders on your behalf. Don't risk your home with
inexperienced mortgage brokers who arenít licensed to practice law.

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